Monday, February 13, 2012


pada hari yang indah ini, marilah baca apa yang saya mahu coretkan. ewahhhh! hahaha

Organizational Behaviour - MGT321
Chapter 10 - Stress Management
Sub topic - Personality

Reactions to stressful situations are often related to Type A and Type B people.

Type A people:
Characterized by a chronic sense of urgency and excessive competitive drive.
They are individuals who are aggressive, competitive, set high standards and put themselves under constant time pressures. They are involved in a never-ending struggle to achieve more and more in the shortest time possible and if required to do so, against the opposing efforts of other person.

Because of the constant stress that they feel, they are more prone to physical ailments related to stress such as heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Type B people:
These type of people are more relaxed and easygoing. They are characterized by a desire to do more than one assignment/task at any one time but at his own pace. this person likes to participate actively in any type of challenging events and take it professionally. He will try to avoid confronting any situation directly but more in a subtle manner.

Some people are more relaxed regarding time pressures and so they are less prone to have problems relating to stress.

So, what type of people are you when it comes to handle the stress? Obviously I'm a type A person but I'll try to change to type B lah kan. aku tak nak lah sakit jantung, darah tinggi masa zaman muda remaja ni hehe.

P/S: sebenarnya ada test OB hari Isnin depan, tu yang konon-konon study lah ni. padahal bab 10 tak masuk pun okbai. :)

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